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Tesses.YouTubeDownloader (2022)

Website for app

Tesses.YouTubeDownloader.ExampleExtension uses Return YouTube Dislikes

How To Find Videos (When Downloaded)
Server Endpoints

Classes and Enums

Please put your issues on my GitHub
I disagree with this but I use this library anyway

What this is known to work on

  • Modern Linux/Windows/Mac (or any thing that can run .NET Standard 2.0+)
  • Works on my Wii with wii-linux-ngx and this guide (if it 404s its not complete yet)

To Use It as a server

using Tesses.YouTubeDownloader.Server;
using Tesses.YouTubeDownloader;
TYTDCurrentDirectory currentDirectory=new TYTDCurrentDirectory(new HttpClient());
TYTDServer server=new TYTDServer(currentDirectory);
server.RootServer.Server=new StaticServer("WebSite");
HttpServerListener listener=new HttpServerListener(new System.Net.IPEndPoint(System.Net.IPAddress.Any,3252),server.InnerServer);
TYTDStorage.FFmpeg ="/usr/bin/ffmpeg";
Console.WriteLine("Almost Ready to Listen");
await listener.ListenAsync(CancellationToken.None);


 dotnet add package Tesses.YouTubeDownloader.Server

Happy downloading